Product Description

Air Freshener is used to Freshen the Air, leaving a pleasant Orange Peach Fragrance. Effective for off odours in the kitchen, toilet and laundry. Easily measured super concentrate requires only 2 pumps per bottle/bucket (pump included). One bottle of concentrate dilutes with water to make up to 90 x 750ml Bottles of ready to use Air Freshener.

One Spray Bottle Costs just 28 Cents



Air Freshener is manufactured by Solopak and has been accredited under the Good Environmental Choice Australia Ecolabel

Excellent Economy for Childcare and Business Operators

Each Bottle of Super Concentrate makes “90 Bottles of Air Freshener”

Air Freshener is used to freshen the Air and leaves the area with a refreshing Orange Peach Fragrance.

The product can be used on off odours in the Kitchen, Toilet and Laundry.